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Number of scenes: 7

Tits: small
Hair colour: brunette
Eyes: brown

Height: 152cm
Weight: 52kg

Origin: Russie

Ethnic group: White



The massage ends with a damp sex session 

Description: A young terribly sexy woman undresses completely for a massage and relax. The young man who made him the famous massage does not leave insensitive. She notes that it is done very quickly emphasizing his private parts and has in addition a strong erection. She puts her hand directly on his cock which will sound the start of a torrid and wet ass plan. Click here to read more...

Casting: Kaiya

Length : 28:54 min | Placed on line : 14 September 2015

A pretty brunette likes to have sperm in mouth 

Description: This very pretty brunette is being read comfortably installed on the living room couch when her boyfriend shows up and kisses her passionately. He lets win by desire and caresses the delicious body of his girlfriend who is not insensitive and begins to wet. She lets fiddling the nipples before to swallow tail her boyfriend for a slobbery blowjob. Click here to read more...

Casting: Kaiya

Length : 27:28 min | Placed on line : 8 September 2015

The student gets sodomized by two friends 

Description: This beautiful quilts student is being revised with two of his friends who do not stop the ogling and lift her skirt. They are very excited by its very sexy lingerie that will come down to reveal a beautiful rump wet and crumpled anus. They then decide to drop the revisions to get serious and offer a trio of the most intense in this scorching heat. Click here to read more...

Casting: Kaiya

Length : 24:16 min | Placed on line : 25 August 2015

He fucks his girlfriend and flooded with hot cum 

Description: I can say without a doubt this is my favorite video of the moment. I particularly enjoy watching the videos of these young people under 20 who fuck like beasts innocently. They indulge in every whim but with maximum freshness. Click here to read more...

Casting: Kaiya

Length : 23:23 min | Placed on line : 18 August 2015

He has the chance to fuck two studs at the same time 

Description: This guy is a lucky bastard he'll have two pretty young girl kiss luck simultaneously. A brunette and a blonde in garter belts that were in the process of caring girls by eating the breasts and mouth. Sometimes fingers and immediately having a different girl after every hand. It may make the comparison of their intimate juice their baggy pussy minutes later. Click here to read more...

Casting: Kaiya , Avery

Length : 25:22 min | Placed on line : 5 August 2015

Pretty brunette gets filled sperm anus 

Description: A pretty brunette made it clear to her boyfriend that she wants sex. He knows she loves sodomy and is little doubt she wants to get fucked deeply. She asks him what she eats tits craves. She let remove the panties to lick the vagina and anus work that will be visited by the big dick she has just sucked. Click here to read more...

Casting: Kaiya

Length : 22:24 min | Placed on line : 24 March 2015

Inexperienced 18 years old couple tries anal sex for the first time 

Description: Blindfolded and taken to an unknown place, this brunette is smiling and is at ease even before seeing where she is. When she can finally check out where she is, her mood goes from happy to horny as she discovers she is in a bedroom, a sign her boyfriend has some naughty ideas in mind. Click here to read more...

Casting: Kaiya

Length : 28:46 min | Placed on line : 29 November 2012

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