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Number of scenes: 2

Tits: small
Hair colour: blonde
Eyes: brown

Height: 173cm

Ethnic group: White

Aaliyah Jolie

Aaliyah Jolie

Fuck in a reservation with brown emo 

Description: Caressing his girlfriend in a supermarket shelf excites man provocateur. He loves to be filmed by surveillance cameras to counter the morals and show the charms of his accomplice. The brown emo let down her pants to show her tring. He even opened the zipper of the black top to reveal the ample bosom of his mistress. Click here to read more...

Casting: Aaliyah Jolie

Length : 25:03 min | Placed on line : 3 October 2011

Invoice in cash 

Description: This blonde pinup brought his car to the garage for repairs, of course without taking any money with it. She believes everything possible, as many bonnasses its kind, and believes that its charms are enough to pay the garage . Okay, but will submit it to a fuck so hard that she will not forget anytime soon! Click here to read more...

Casting: Aaliyah Jolie

Length : 22:44 min | Placed on line : 5 May 2010

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