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Laurie, 25 years old


Hi, I’m Laurie. I’m 25 years old and originally from Paris. I've worked with Smartmovies for 4 years already and I take care of all the customer support and mailings so if you have contacted us before I am likely the girl you spoke with by email. My favorite part of my job is that I also get to be involved in selecting some of the videos that get published on the site for fans. Away from work I’m a very simple girl who likes simple things. Most people who meet me think I’m quite shy, but behind this angelic front is a naughty devil!

Food: I like sushi and tapas
Sport: I jog at least a mile every day
Music: I love dance club music and techno

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Élodie, 25 years old


Hey! Elodie at your service! I'm the new girl around here but Smartmovies is letting me take an active role in entertaining you every day by letting me go out to get the best hardcore movies I can find anywhere! Sometimes I rub people the wrong way, and here at Smartmovies I’m kinda known as the bitch - that's fine because I've always had a penchant for FemDom fantasies personally. Nothing gets me more excited than a man, or woman, willing to do my dirty work!

Food: Italian Food, TexMex or anything really spicy!
Sport: I'm at the Gym 4-5 times every week
Music: Anything loud enough for me to feel the vibrations!

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Amandine, 22 years old


Hello, my name is Amandine and I’m 22 years old, but I've been at Smartmovies since I was just 18 years old. I began by doing video snapshots and touch-up design work, but over the last year most of my time has been devoted to text, image selection and video editing for the site. When I'm off from work I'm a bit of a party girl to be honest. I love partying with my girlfriends, but I should probably tell you I've had the same boyfriend for 4 years and I hope we get married someday. My colleagues think I’m the most naive of all of us, maybe, but that probably because I’m the most in love :p

Food: I’m vegetarian
Sport: Cycling and Spin Class
Music: I love DubStep

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Laetitia, 19 years old


What turns you on is what matters most, and there isn't any reason to hold back at Smartmovies. What turns me on are the quirky videos in fetish niches that stand out from all the others. If you have a video of a midget on a tricycle parachuted into a freak show that ends up turning into a massive interracial gangbang - I want to see it! Parodies from Hollywood movies pornified, burlesque, black humor, tats, piercings and suspensions - the wildest stuff makes me wettest!

Food: The more odd the better
Sport: What? Me? No.
Music: Indie Bands And Electronica

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